$ilk: Where you from Ma?
ZizzoI'm born and raised in Staten Island, 
$ilk: How long you been Entertaining?
ZizzoWell Ive always been one to put on a 
            Show for friends and family growing 
            up, being in bands, plays til I began 
            my journey in the Music Business 
            Performing at Open Mics and 
            Showcases about 6 years ago and still 
            going  strong!

$ilkCan you freestyle?
ZizzoOh yes, defiantly..
$ilkWho influenced  you?                  
Zizzo:Well I'm a lover of music 
           period, but Hip Hop wise, 
           the Greats of course, 
           Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, 
           Eminem just to name a few.
$ilk: Do you write all your own 
         songs? if not why?
ZizzoOh yes, I write everything, 
           Love the whole creative   
           process.... I can't speak for 
           no other artist out there, I 
           ain't naming no names, but 
           all you but all you hear from

           Zizzo comes from Zizzo!!
$ilk: How many instruments do you play?
ZizzoI play a lil bit of piano, I have a saxophone back ground and 
           a lil guitar too, but I am get back on those one day soon!
$ilk: How many songs/ cds
ZizzoWell for now Im releasing a few singles off my EP "From  
            the Ashes" and I have many more records I'm holding on 
            too, and many more to come!
$ilkHow many have you released?
ZizzoYes, I've released Mix tapes in the past "Diamond from the 
            Rock Vol 1&2" by hand, and now singles off the EP
$ilk: Who makes up ur crew?
Zizzo: Me, Myself and I!! Zizzo! lol
$ilk: How many times you been on tv?
ZizzoI've been on tv a few times so far, interviews and   
           performances, and looking forward to making more 
           appearances on the flat screens..
$ilkAre you looking for a Deal?
ZizzoI'm looking for Distribution for my label actually "Full 
          Apsect Music"